Well, Isn’t Life Exciting!

September 18, 2018 georgebarr No comments exist

New cameras to the left, the right, coming up from behind and looking ahead. Where to turn, what to buy?


Seems like all of the new cameras are flawed in one way or another – not enough pixels, dubious autofocus, no IBIS, only one card slot, and so on. All of them very expensive, and lenses to match even more so.


I had occasion to go to the military museum on the weekend, photographing with my Olympus OM-D 1 m. II, and repeatedly took advantage of the rotating LCD screen when photographing vertically. the touch screen was handy for placing the point where focus would be magnified when I touched the focus ring.


In looking at the new cameras, I did a bit of comparison. I took the imaging resource test scene image shot on high res with the Olympus and compared it to the normal image from the A7Riii – and decided that the Olympus image was at least as good – with appropriate downsizing and sharpening of the Olympus image.


I’m blessed with a 1 year old grand daughter, but have struggled to photograph her indoors – ISO 6400 and my 12-100 lens just isn’t working for me. I’d found the 25 Panasonic/Leica 25 1.4 not quite sharp enough wide open and too short a focal length as when I get close to Hannah I distract her.


I debated whether to get the A7riii despite the lack of rotating LCD, and their 85 1.8 is sig. cheaper than the Olympus options, but of course then I’d have to get the body, and well, naturally I’d need to get a set of new lenses – and now we’re approaching $10,000 – ridiculous. Save me from myself!


So, yesterday I decided to check out the Olympus 75 1.8 – well respected, sharp wide open, but 150 mm. equivalent focal length did seem a bit long for indoor toddler photography. I had them show me the 45 1.2 instead – a full stop faster – ideal for poor light and dropping the ISO as much as possible, and reputedly also sharp wide open. In store I liked it and they reminded me I had two weeks to try it out. Well, an offer…


Last night was model railway meeting so much to the irritation of my fellow members, I spent the evening shooting with the 45 1.2 – and on the LCD, liking the results. The lighting was terrible, but the camera and lens handled very well. Occ. difficulty focusing, but less than 10% of the time – I could happily live with that considering the circumstances.


This morning I made a 13X19 print from one of the images. ISO 6400, f1.2 – I did say the light was poor – 1/100 shutter speed, and the print looks great. The grain (noise) is visible but tight and absolutely not objectionable, the resolution excellent. I think this is going to be a good solution, and a lot cheaper than replacing my camera with one of the less than 100% ideal new replacements available.


Ross – 45 1.2 lens

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