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January 24, 2018 georgebarr No comments exist

I’ve always found it difficult to design a web site – so many choices: fonts, colours, placement, overall design – so much simpler to look on a scene and figure out which is the best available photograph. The same thing happened when I tried arranging still lines – swamped with choices.

I know for sure the current design of this website is a work in progress. One reason I know is an email I received from Huntington Witherill announcing his new website – clean, simple, elegant, henna,, def. work to be done on mine.

Almost certainly time to tone down the colours and add a bit of space around the images. I had wanted the home page image to be large and dramatic but as it crowds the edges of the page and merges with urls and menus at the top and icons for applications at the bottom, the size is perhaps a problem.

Do my eyes deceive me or is there a subtle colour to the black and white images that matches the theme of Huntingon’s website.

By the way, some damn fine photography on his website so do spend some time there.

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