Thoughts On The New Cameras

September 18, 2018 georgebarr No comments exist

My first thought is, ignore all advice from people who haven’t actually used these new cameras – gee, including me.

OK, but you’re still here – so can I actually say anything useful? Maybe.


As an example, lets think about the EOS R, an apparently fatally flawed new camera – because of no IBIS, only one card slot, only 30 mp, from an old sensor, and that crop factor of 1.7 for video, well, really!


Except, lets put things in perspective. As I have no idea what’s important to you, I can only use myself as an example.


Some 90 percent of my work is done on tripod – IS, whether in body or in lens is irrelevant most of the time. The rest of my photography is almost all people pictures – and guess what I’ve discovered over the years. The limit to low shutter speed isn’t my hand holding ability it’s the fact that people especially kids move around, a lot. Last night shooting at my railway meeting, I used 1/100 second with a 35 mm. equivalent lens of 90 mm. – so one over the reciprocal. Now, I’m soon to be 69 and probably the in body IS of my Olympus did in fact help a bit, but it was hardly a deal breaker. So the lack of in body IS on the EOS R wouldn’t be that big a deal – nice yes, essential probably not.


That video crop factor – but I don’t shoot video – why should I care?


One card slot – well I don’t shoot weddings, and rarely shoot in situations that are entirely irreplaceable. Combine that with the last card failure was about 2006 and even then I was able to rescue 95% of the images on it, not a huge issue. I worry more about dropping an SD card to where I can’t retrieve it – in a stream or down a cliff – but with the size of them these days, I only change cards at home – so again not a problem- though I’d still prefer a larger card – say the XQD of the new Nikons.


That 30 mp sensor – it should be plenty for me, but truth is, I am a pixel peeper, and having come from higher res (Pentax 645Z, Fuji 50S, Olympus Hi-Res Mode), I don’t think I’d ever be happy – so for me this probably should be a deal breaker. But for many people, and in fact probably most sensible people, 30 MP is plenty – capable of producing lovely 30 inch prints. But I do occasionally sell 60 inch prints.


There has never been a perfect camera – and there never will. For one thing, manufacturers don’t want to make a perfect camera – the’d kill off sales of newer models, possibly for years. Sony has been delaying new models waiting to see what the competition brought out – and now, finding that they are not a great threat, may well delay further.


Canon has known for years that a fully rotating LCD screen is very handy, but delayed putting it in their top models, because they didn’t have to = people were buying the cameras anyway, and their main competition, Nikon, didn’t have one either.


Besides, lets face it, we like buying new cameras.

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