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March 7, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

I really haven’t had anything interesting to say – any ‘wonderful’ images to share. I have been out shooting. I’m still dealing with the aftermath of installing a new computer and trying to integrate 4 internal drives, two SSD’s and half a dozen external drives and multi drive bays, some of which date back to old technology.

I have two new 16 terabyte drives and am parkways to setting them up.

I had some frustrations with iCloudDrive – in that I discovered that unlike any real drive, when you move a folder over, it doesn’t copy, it erases the old version on the prev. drive. Why would they do that?

Anyway, here I am, mostly functioning.

I tried selling my Sony RX10iii and after almost selling (to someone with active triplets) – I didn’t think the camera was up to focusing fast enough for that – but it makes a good travel camera – I decided to bring it home and use it myself – and am quite enjoying it – focus at 600mm is painfully slow (several seconds) but otherwise it works quite well and even captured some decent nighttime indoor pictures of people.

Elbow River Ice

The image above was made hand held, four images stitched, with the RX10iii

Last fall we were on holiday and one of the images I made was the one below. It didn’t quite have the quality or dynamic range I wanted and was one of the reasons for getting the EOS R and 100-400 mm. lens but of course is a much larger heavier package than my Olympus it was shot with, 40-150 with the 1.4 extender. Mostly I’ve been very happy with the move – minus the nose on the touch sensitive LCD thing.

Pier, Gibsons, B.C.

And some ice at Big Hill Springs

Big Hill Springs

The image above is first off a focus blend for depth of focus, then a re-blend manually of part of one of the images that showed the moving water to best advantage, focus blending turning moving water into a series of abstract rings so while interesting, are not really appropriate here.

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