Ruminations about a High Megapixel EOS R?s

December 5, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

First off, this is totally pointless. Second, it’s kinda fun.

The first real rumours are out, suggesting 75 MP, 2 card slots and no multifunction bar. It might or might not have IBIS, there were earlier gossip about the possible use of a full frame sensor of the quality and density of the 90D and M6ii sensor – making it 83 MP.

On IBIS – it makes sense – Canon have developed very good, very expensive non ISS glass for the R- it only makes sense to add IBIS asap. If you have lots of pixels, you need steady to make use of them.

On 75 or 83 MP – I do want the pixels. Only this week I did a shallow depth of field stitch that the computer couldn’t stitch because the out of focus areas provided no alignment points. It was a longish image that would throw away pixels in cropping otherwise. The more the merrier. the 90D sensor isn’t class leading but it’s competitive.

I have a print where I work that is five feet in diameter – I had to use the roof rack to get it there – that benefited from the Pentax 645Z AND stitching. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…

Two card slots is a no brainer for pros. I personally don’t care but others do.

A joystick – boy this is important to me. As a left eyed photographer, the touch screen is a menace when hand holding, though I love it on a tripod.

Pixel Shift – I used it all the time on my Olympus but in the end became disenchanted – too many situations – water, wind, leaves, where it’s problematic, and the file sizes and lack of sharpness on these HUGE files. Panasonic do it well, Sony and Olympus not so much. It would perhaps be nice to have, also frame averaging – but in camera please.

Physical controls – the R has the space for another control on the left, move that rediculous on off switch to the shutter button like real cameras and use the space to set some of the important controls like single, multiple, self timer etc on one level and maybe some other things on a second level a la Nikon 850.

I would pay for a well conceived focus blending -= able to combine the touch screen and lens info to set how many shots for what aperture. I fear that if they do this, they will limit it to RF lenses which would be very frustrating for me – I can but hope. I wouldn’t need in camera processing of focus blends – though if it was good…

Fully Articulating LCD – already on the R and the biggest reason for me to get the R – I had it on the Olympus, I would not accept any serious camera without it – have manufacturers not heard of vertical landscape pictures? There are advantages to the Fuji system but vloggers like the out to side method – I can live with either.

There’s other features that would be nice – like a histogram based on the raw data, an expose to the right with corrected jpeg would be awesome. A bigger LCD would be nice for my old eyes. An infrared remote would be nice – yes I know that if there are a bunch of photographers it would be an issue but for the rest of the time…

Isn’t it time manufacturers built in arca grooves into the base and one side of cameras. At least my 645Z had places for two separate very small square plates, complete with hole for anti rotation – that was fantastic. Plug design would have to change but so what…

Viewfinder brightness. I haven’t read any negative comments about the R viewfinder but I find it quite dim on a sunny day. And LCD brightness is a whole other issue. We know it can be done, even with batteries, with accessory video screens that are twice as bright. this might have to wait for a one series RF camera for the battery capacity but woudn’t that be awesome – a bright LCD screen of say 4 inches? Yummy.

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