Take Your Photography To The Next Level


About the art of photography, from seeing to working the scene and composing. How to select your best work, and how to improve the quality of your work. It also covers things like dealing with frustration and looking for inspiration. It suggests stragegies for learning from mistakes and dealing with burnout.

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From Camera To Computer


When we translated this book to German, we used a title we'd earlier rejected, 'A Look Over My Shoulder'. This nicely describes the intent of the book, taking you out into several scenes and how to proceed from general intent to actual composition. It then takes you to the editing, based on using Photoshop, and even includes a brief tutorial on how to use Photoshop to edit and improve fine art images.

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Why Photographs Work

From many parts of the world I was able to select 52 great images to write about and for the photographers themselves to discuss the intent and experience of making the images. Some of the photographers are world famous, others barely known, and yet able to create a little magic.


I write about what is it that makes each image stand out. Some of the images are ones I wish I had taken while others pushed my comfort zone in terms of subject, abstraction, technique or design. I found my horizons being broadened in the process and my goal was to do the same for you.

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Fifty Years - Black and White Photography



This is a proposed book, one that I have produced as a one off with Blurb, but hope to see published in the next year or two. It shows off more than 70 of my best black and white photographs, from as far back as age 16 and 1965.