Nighttime Shoot

November 17, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

I both wanted to try some nighttime work and at the same time make use of my as yet unused 14-24 Sigma lens.

National Music Centre
Sigma 14-24
Central Library
100-400 Lii
ISO 10,000 by mistake
National Music Centre
14-24 Sigma
Through the window

The colour image was made with tripod and the person on the stairs was not moving, I could have shot at a much lower ISO but somewhere along the shoot the camera accidentally switched to Auto ISO which sits next to ISO 100.

It’s a mixed blessing – I like that I can use the great touch screen to change aperture and shutter speed and ISO, but apparently it’s a little too easy.

I remember using a 1 series camera for several years and one of the things with those professional cameras was it was considered better to be harder to change settings and less likely to do so inadvertently but with amateur cameras, Canon felt that ease of changing settings trumped reliability.

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