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November 27, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

Couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to play with the Sony RX100vii – never having held that series at all before. I was most impressed, and with the picture quality from a friend’s trip to Peru.

As the sensor is very similar to my RX10iii I knew what it could and could not do in low light, and while my RX10 was great to about 300 mm. equivalent, images beyond that often suffered.

I have used and enjoyed the Nex-7 and then A6000for years, other than the less than stellar action focusing.

I wanted a camera/lenses/bag combination that would be lightweight, able to keep up with a 2 year old and work at my weekly evening get toggethers in often marginal home lighting.

I wanted to keep my current small bag but didn’t need smaller. I already have the 10-18, 16-70 and 55-210 for the 6000 but liked the idea of the higher quality greater range 70-350 – I could have the equivalent of my EOS R kit in a lightweight under the seat for flying setup.

My plan is to use the shorter two zooms along with the new 70-350, all of them IS so lack of IBIS isn’t critical and it saves me $650 vs. the 6600.

One of Sophie’s good friends.

So far I’m most impressed but more work at the dog park and with my grand daughter will really tell me how it’s working.

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