How To Purchase Images


Almost any of my images you see on the website are available for purchase. Maximum size is a function of quality. Some, shot with earlier cameras make beautiful 8.5X11 images but no larger while others because of multi image stitching can make very big prints. I’ve made prints up to 4X6 feet and they look spectacular if you have the wall space for it. Many images will look good both large and small. Don’t hesitate to ask.

One of the problems in purchasing an image has to be the cost of getting it framed. I have found that canvas prints can look very nice hanging the stretcher frame directly on the wall. I like using reflected sides (ie. the image reflects the edge content on the sides, top and bottom of the hanged image, using the thicker size of stretcher bars at about 1.25 inches. In general I find these mirrored sides better than stretched images and canvas prints can be very reasonable. Given the texture of the canvas, I don’t recommend getting anything smaller than 13X19 (though even there it can work ok with the right subject matter). It works well both in black and white and colour.

I can arrange for Canada On Canvas/Keenart in Vancouver to do the printing with shipment directly to you. I’m sure I could do something similar with other canvas printers in the US and elsewhere if they are well known.

Choice of Paper Surface

for framing behind glass, I find that in larger sizes (13X19 and up), you can’t really tell the difference between gloss and matte except that the gloss images need you to maneuver so that neither the print nor the glass reflects something bright (you or the background, windows, etc.) and I therefor find that matte paper is best.

If you have the chance to hold a print (and anything bigger than 8.5X11 is hard to hold without damaging or getting reflections, there’s nothing better than a near gloss surface, giving the image a sense of three dimensions that a rigidly flat print behind glass cannot give.


8.5X11 – $39 + SHIPPING

– images printed on 8.5X11 paper, usually with a 1 inch border
– paper is Ilford Gold Fibre Silk
– shipped flat, packaged in mylar bag, and laminated between two layers of coreplast.

13X19 – $69 + SHIPPING

– images printed on 13X19 paper, with a 2 – 3 inch border
– paper is Moab Entrada Bright White 190 weight paper
– shipped flat, packaged in mylar bag, and laminated between two layers of coreplast.

17X22 – $149 + shipping
– images printed on 17X22 paper with approx. 3 inch border
– paper is Moab Enrada Briht White 300 weight paper
– shipping is rolled in a 4 inch extra strong mailing tube

Larger Prints – Priced Individually, Please ask, shipped rolled in 4 inch strong mailing tube

Prints are signed lightly on the back and normally in the lower right hand corner with my signature, bracketed by the two digit year of taking the image and year of printing the image.

I do not edition my prints (ie. limit the number of prints made). Few photographers, even famous ones, ever reach the limit they set on their editions so it’s pretty meaningless.

I regret that at the moment I don’t offer matting due to the additional complications and cost of shipping the larger packages.

All prints are made with archival quality pigment inks on quality paper. To reach this potential however, images should either be behind glass, or with really large images, the surface sealed with a quality photograph print spray such as PrintShield. Conditions like smog and cigarette smoke will affect longevity but under most circumstances prints will outlast their purchasers.

To order a print, use the contact form to send a request, including the name of the print, the size wanted, the surface preferred (glossy or matte) and whether the image is black and white or colour.