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October 10, 2020 georgebarr No comments exist

I’ve photographed this part of the canyon before, but a little different framing, perhaps the wetness of the rocks, and interpreting the image a bit differently and I’m a lot more pleased with the result.   Canon EOS R, 100-400 mm. lens, tripod and bluetooth remote. Focus blending because no f-stop was going to keep…

October 4, 2020 georgebarr No comments exist

just back from four days in Jasper. Had reservations with covid, but everyone wore masks, restaurants took precautions and we were able to hike to Edith Cavel, paddle Pyramid Lake and take the Maligne Lake cruise (and of course took the touristy but classic Spirit Island photograph. I photographed Maligne Canyon (probably for the dozenth…

September 15, 2020 georgebarr No comments exist

First I tried the 35 RF 1.8 Macro, then the 85 1.4 but it didn’t focus close enough and with an extension tube too limited in range. I remembered the macro setting on the 24-70 f4 IS lens, and it worked quite well, and with more flexibility than other options.