About Me

I’m a 68 year old fine art photographer, working in both black and white and colour. All my work is now digital but in the past I have shot large format view camera black and white film and prints. My particular interests are landscape, especially the middle ground, abstract and industrial images, with a smattering of environmental portraits and other subjects.

I started photographing when I was 12, and like many, wanted to be Ansel Adams. I gradually found out about other photographers and broadened my tastes.

For the last 10 years I have done considerable writing on photography, initially in my blog, and then for online publications and finally for a commercial publisher, Rockynook, writing a total of three books that have been translated into 7 languages and gone through several printings.

I teach the occasional workshop.

In my spare time I have been a family doctor, recently semi – retiring to work strictly in mental health two days a week.