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December 10, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist
Jet Exhaust
14 -24 Sigma at 2.8

Though a big lens, I’m really enjoying this wide zoom – very sharp, yet even at 14 mm. I can focus close and throw the background out of focus, in this case the museum ceiling.

I tried this image in black and white since all the others from the museum have been monochrome, but it wasn’t nearly as effective, even though there are no strong colours. Still, subtle violet and yellow work well together – colour it is.

Jet Inlet
14-24 @14 mm.

Love the tones off the bare metal. It’s a longish exposure – there’s not a lot of light down the inlet – I couldn’t see the blades at all.

Bot of luck, and a dash of cheat.

I found the best viewpoint for this launcher was behind display case, but my tripod only need three of four legs to get to a tad above eye hight, and with that wonderul fully articulated lcd screen, I can use the extra leg to get well above eye height, and specifically above the display case.

I happened to get it just above with my first adjustment and the perspex was causing a reflection which to my eye complemented the machinery behind so I didn’t go higher.

The cheat came from blurring the background with field blur done twice on copied layers then suitably masked to further blur the background on the shot already made wide open with the 100-400.

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