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November 8, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist
Maligne Canyon
EOS R, 100-400
focus blend

We had a chance to visit Jasper for three nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I revisited Maligne canyon, thinking that with my 100-400 I might find compositions I’d not been able to shoot before, and in fact had a great time and made several photographs.

Today was warm and I’d not emptied my rain barrels in time so wanted to use the warmer weather to get as much water out and turn them over. I happened to look in.

Ice Barrel
35 RF 1.8
focus blend

I actually lay the camera on the ice, poking the lens into the hole in the top (It was too small for my 24-70)

I noticed that with 30 second exposures every shot was blurred with motion. I didn’t think this was me moving around the deck so suspected it was the camera melting into the ice. I reshot the sequence with a higher ISO and eliminated the movement with a 2.5 second exposure.

you can see the black of the camera and viewfinder bump in the middle being reflected by water in the bottom. It’s a colour image and it has some subtle hues that I like – a tinge of green from the rain barrel colour, some selenium tone from the bottom. I’m quite pleased with this image.

The shot from Maligne is decent, workmanlike, but devoid of any magic. Still, its good to be photographing seriously again, even if it is sporadic.

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