EOS R – the r stands for Right Eyed

December 18, 2018 georgebarr No comments exist

I’ve been shooting a lot with my EOS R and have generally been very happy with it. On the weekend I was photographing old photographs of the family, camera on tripod, using touch to focus to centre focus on a white board holding down the photographs with magnets. As the prints were all different sizes and not all parts of the photos contained detail you could focus on – tapping on the face was so easy – far handier than using a joystick – bottom line is on the tripod (which is 95% of my photography the camera is a joy to use. Yes, one more dial instead of the silly top screen would be sensible, and don’t get me started on the multi controller on the back.)

I do find that using my left eye as normal, way too often my nose messes up the point of focus, driving it to a corner, even in horizontal – but vertical is even worse. I am now at the point that I almost automatically use my right eye – didn’t think I could ever adapt, but it’s going fine.

You might wonder what happened to posting photographs, but somewhere an update broke my path from edited images to upload – am still working to solve that issue.

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