November 8, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

We had a chance to visit Jasper for three nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I revisited Maligne canyon, thinking that with my 100-400 I might find compositions I’d not been able to shoot before, and in fact had a great time and made several photographs. Today was warm and I’d not emptied my rain barrels…

July 15, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

Our grand daughter recently had her second birthday and I’ve been busy making a wooden train for her. But that’s only one of many excuses. I do have a couple of projects coming up that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing again.

April 27, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

sudden and dramatic change in weather from Prairie Crocuses in bloom to this. I’m really enjoying the RX10 – handy, decent quality for handheld kind of work and no mucking about with changing lenses.

March 30, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

Smugmug films has created an episode on the photographer Alan Schaller and I highly recommend you watch the film, and then visit Alan’s website. I don’t often get really excited in discovering a new photographer, but I was blown away by Alan’s work. While street photography has never been a strong interest of mine and…

March 7, 2019 georgebarr No comments exist

the other thing that I’m doing in addition to ‘serious’ photography is taking pictures of our grand daughter, age 20 months. As they live 1000 km away, we don’t get to see them often but when we do…